Tritik tkDelay v1.4.2

Download Tritik tkDelay v1.4.2

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File size: 4.8 MB TkDelay is a versatile delay plugin designed to produce a large range of sounds, classic delays to experimental sound effects. Main Controls . Host-synced and free delay times (per channel)
. Delay times modulation (per channel)
. Feedback gains with infinite loop support (per channel)
. Frequency shifter (per channel)
. Reverse mode
. Ping-pong (via cross-feedback control)
. Tap-tempo
. Overdrive
. Ducking
. Wet/Dry and output gain controls
. Phase inversion Interface . Fully resizable interface . Clean and intuitive
. Fast access to synced times through menus
. Display synced delay times as notes or ratios
. Interactive MIDI-learn
. Left-Right params links
. Tooltips and prefs in english, french, spanish, portuguese Filters . Resonant low-pass
. Resonant hi-pass
. Band-pass
. Highpass + lowpass combination
. Freq modulation with free or host-synced rate
. Inside or outside the feedback loop
. Bypass switch Presets . File based preset system
. Access through menu or browser
. Presets ‘freezer’ for safe recall
. Copy/paste current state using the system clipboard v1.4.2 (17 nov 2017) fixed: presets not listed in alphabetical order (macOS 10.13).
tweak: filter LFO phase in sync mode is now consistent.
tweak: filter is now active by default.
tweak: knobs do not follow horizontal mouse movements anymore (but only vertical ones).
tweak: when resizing the UI, save last size as default UI size.
tweak: a few UI changes and improvements.
(AAX) added support for automation menus shortcut.

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Download Tritik tkDelay v1.4.2

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