The Geometers Sketchpad 5.06 Portable

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File size: 80.5 MBThe Geometer’s Sketchpad is the world’s leading software for teaching mathematics. Sketchpad gives students at all levels – third grade through college – a tangible, visual way to learn mathematics that increases their engagement, understanding, and achievement. Make math more meaningful and memorable using Sketchpad. Elementary students can manipulate dynamic models of fractions, number lines, and geometric patterns. Middle school students can build their readiness for algebra by exploring ratio and proportion, rate of change, and functional relationships through numeric, tabular, and graphical representations. And high school students can use Sketchpad to construct and transform geometric shapes and functions—linear to trigonometric—promoting deep understanding. Sketchpad is the optimal tool for interactive whiteboards. Teachers can use it daily to illustrate and illuminate mathematical ideas. Classroom-tested activities are accompanied by presentation sketches and detailed teacher notes, which provide suggestions for use by teachers as a nstration tool or for use by students in a computer lab or on laptops. Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10Release NotesWhats New:
Bug Fixes:
Functions defined by a Drawing no longer fail to fit the greatest height of the Drawing when the Drawing is highly rotated.
Custom Tools that both match certain Givens to existing sketch objects and create points-on-objects on their Givens no longer occasionally fail to match properly.
Several example documents in the Elementary and Middle School Mathematics folder have undergone minor improvements.
(Windows) The Status Bar now provides more accurate messages when deregistration fails.
(Windows) Inactive windows no longer occasionally become inappropriately active after showing a progress dialog.
(Windows) Backclicking measurements with the Calculator up now works when using a finger on a Windows 8 Tablet.
(Windows) A rare crash involving Presentation buttons while using a Smartboard is no longer possible.
(Macintosh) Sketchpad is no longer incompatible with OS X Parental Controls on OS X Snow Leopard.
(Macintosh) The application no longer becomes unresponsive after OS X Parental Controls displays a dialog box during registration.Homepage

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