Simplenote 1.1.1

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File Size: 33.1 MB Simplenote is a utility that allows you to create notes, memos, to-do lists or write down ideas, thoughts and future plans that you can synchronize across all platforms, share with friends or publish them directly on the web. In the eventuality that you use multiple devices for your projects, then there is a good change that you are looking for a solution that enables you to synchronize your notes all across the devices without too much trouble. Enables you to access your updated notes all devices
The highlight of the application stems the fact that you can make sure that everything you note down is updated, irrespective of the device you open it or its operating system. In addition, you can publish your notes directly on the web by accessing the corresponding icon and obtaining the link. You should know that the tool enables you to share your notes with other users, a feature that can come in handy when you are involved in a team project, for instance. You can share notes and allow others to modify their contents by adding their email address or account name in the memo’s tag. While sharing sensitive information is discouraged, you should keep in mind that the application encrypts your notes. Supports Markup and other applications
It is important to note that while you can find various application to integrate into the program, not all apps are created equal. Consequentially, it is recommended that you  and install solely those that are listed on the developer’s website. Then again, even so there is no guarantee that they can improve the utility too much. A further noteworthy feature is that the application supports Markup. Therefore, if you are interested in using this programming language, you can enable it the Preferences tab. Afterwards, do not forget to enable it on the desired note by toggle it the Info panel. A great tool for anyone who needs to take notes regularly
If you are taking notes on a regular basis and you would like to access them the different devices that you are using, then perhaps Simplenote might come in handy.
Whats New: Improved support for Markdown tables. Fixes issue where tags could become duplicated.

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