Quixel Megascans Studio 0.916 (x64)

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Quixel Megascans Studio 0.916 (x64) | 220.7 Mb

MegaScans Studio was developed to let artists create their own detailed, tile-able and photorealistic surfaces by mixing any number of scans together.    

– Tileable SurfacesSpanning a vast array of material categories.
– World-class 3D ScansIncluding LODs, sources and all the maps you need.
– Hyper Realistic VegetationThe highest quality source materials available.

Feature: Height Noise got octaves and octave control sliders.
Feature: Added sorting on latest additions to the Browser.
UI: Updated checkboxes and dropdowns.
UI: Added fade in/out for UI windows.
Changes: Browser UI refreshes with current sorting when new assets are added to the database.
Changes: Save as Surface UI now remember your settings for the current asset if saving.
Changes: Loading and showing more data for missing asset layers when loading.
Changes: Height Noise is now calculated on the GPU instead of on the CPU.
Changes: Height Noise resolution now equals working resolution.
Changes: Height Noise is calculated and applied in a new way, sadly making old saves look different when loading.
Changes: Height Noise textures are discarded/recreated when toggling a layers visibility.
Changes: Loading assets from later Studio versions are now unsupported and links to



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