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Secure data traffic is one of the main concerns when transferring files over the Internet. To avoid your message or your file being intercepted and opened without consent, you can use Cryptermite.    


Encrypt files and text messages to protect private content

This particular application relies on some of the most widely used encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, Twofish, BlowFish, or Triple DES) to encrypt files stored on your computer or text messages you enter in the dedicated box.

It adds the .cry extension to the output file, making it impossible to open without decrypting it with the correct passphrase. Alternatively, you can opt for creating an encrypted executable file. The original file can optionally be wiped after encryption to make sure no one gains access to it.

Encrypting text messages is practically the same: you just enter the text in the dedicated field and the output is instantly generated. Unfortunately, there is no option to save the pasted message or the encrypted text to file.
Sign and verify files, perform steganography operations and chat securely

Aside encrypting files and texts, Cryptermite comes with a few additional functions related to data encryption and security.

First of all, you can use it to generate private and public RSA key pairs of different lengths. Secondly, you can use it to digitally sign a file or verify its signature, and check a file’s integrity by viewing its hash code. And these are just the extra functions visible within the main window.

Additionally, Cryptermite features a steganography module, which means you can use it to hide files inside images. Also, it comes with a secure LAN messaging tool with support for file sharing, and it allows you to create private forums for offline conversations.

Last but not least, the application includes a pretty straightforward password manager. It’s accessed the tools menu, allowing you to store login details like username, password, email, URL, category, and notes. It’s also fitted with a search function for quick identification of items in a large database. You can set a master password so only you have access to the database.
An encryption toolbox that should be organized better

Cryptermite gathers several functions related to data encryption under the same hood, which many might enjoy. Another plus is that it uses random initialization vectors, meaning it creates different encrypted data even if you encrypt the same content.

The only thing to reproach it is the interface layout, and the way features are accessed. Hosting so many different functions requires a more rigorous organizing, both in the menus and the main window.

    Files and messages encryption
    Six encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, TwoFish, BlowFish, Triple DES and RSA)
    Symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms
    Digital files signatures
    Maximum level of encryption: AES-256 bits and RSA-8192 bits
    Hide any type of file inside images using steganography. Up to only one bit modification per pixel (random color component)
    Bitcoin address generator for Bitcoin wallets. Random and deterministic generator
    Hash codes generator for messages and files. Support SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, RIPEMD160, MD5, MD4 and CRC32
    Generate a self-extracting .EXE of encrypted file
    Secure Chat and File Transfer (true peer-to-peer) with AES-256 encryption
    Private Forums for non-live conversations with AES-256 encryption
Whats New:
    Improve steganography.
    Passwords Manager.
    Support Unzip files.
    Encrypt folder contents.
    Wipe folder contents.
    Fast wipe files.
    Text boxes support ‘Enter’.
    Icons in menu bar.
    Fix bug: The application failed to encrypt large files.
    Fix minor bugs.
    Files encrypted with v1.4a are incompatible with this version.




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