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macOS 10.9 or later | English | File Size: 121.44 MB
Piccure+ is a new application capable of correcting optical aberrations and camera shake that cause a lack of sharpness in your images. It integrates seamlessly as a plugin (filter) into Adobe® Photoshop®, Photoshop® Elements and Lightroom®. It can also be called directly within DxO Optics Pro® and PhaseOne CaptureOne®. piccure+ also works as standalone including RAW converter. Piccure+ uses a novel method that essentially inverts the optical processes that cause images to look blurry. With the help of piccure+, your equipment can now be upgraded with a mouse click. piccure+ is useful for both expensive fast lenses as well as economic zoom lenses. You will often be able to match the sharpness of lenses costing several thousands of dollars with equipment costing a mere fraction of that amount, and finally get that “crisp” touch with your prime lens wide open. No other solution gives your equipment a similar upgrade. The improvements get more substantial with increasing image size: many lenses cannot match today’s sensor resolution of up to 36 or even 50 megapixels. Only with the latest and best lenses, and ideally with a camera mounted on a tripod will you directly benefit these large sensor resolutions. In all other cases, piccure+ can help you make full use of your sensor.
Don’t lose 40-80% of your sensor resolution to lens softness
piccure+ is primarily aimed towards professional photographers shooting 20+ MP RAW images. However, many photographers don’t know that they lose 40-80% of their sensor resolution to lens softness. Even the latest lenses often cannot match the resolution of modern camera sensors. DxOLabs (famous for their camera and lens tests) evaluated many of the most recent Nikon lenses with the following results (sensor resolution vs. Perceptual MPix). Currently, piccure+ is the most advanced tool in the field of computational photography and essentially defines the state of the art. Lenses are bound by the laws of optics and lens designers have to strike a difficult balance by trading off image quality with conflicting goals such as price, speed, and weight of a lens. Additional imperfections occur due to manufacturing tolerances. The end result is usually sub-optimal image quality. We tackle this problem using computational photography and machine learning. piccure+ helps you when your lens operates at the edge of its design capabilities and can give you a significant quality improvement. Its effect will be greatest for large optical aberrations.
Whats new in Piccure+ 3:
Completely redesigned and improved AHCE (adaptive heterogeneous computation engine) rendering engine for a maximum increase in speed (Windows only, Quality+ setting), providing 6x faster processing. Significant overall speed increase even without AHCE: 50-75% faster RAW processing speed; 20-50% reduction in computation times (CPU only, all platforms).
Improved and redesigned user interface.
New cameras are supported. Fifty-six cameras were added to the list bringing the total to 689 (RAW).
Two additional settings for finer adjustment of optical aberrations (five instead of three). Finer adjustment of “Sharpness” (now called “Rendering”) in Quality+. Sharpness setting 10 in version 3 equals a Sharpness setting of 0 in version 2.5 or earlier. There are 10 new “lower and smoother” sharpness settings available with version 3.
MANY BUGS WERE ELIMINATED Full Retina support (Mac OSX). Color space bug in Adobe Photoshop® where certain color spaces were not displayed correctly. Opening the standalone program caused problems in Mac OSX if the user did not have administrator rights (“Could not create … folder”). piccure+ sometimes disappeared (focus lost) in Adobe Lightroom®. You can now edit other images in Adobe® Lightroom® while processing an image in piccure+.
System Requirements:
– Mac 10.9 or later
– 4 GB RAM and Dual-core; 8+ GB, Quad-core and Retina display recommended; Software Requirements:
– Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 (or newer, CC 2017 supported), Adobe® Lightroom® 3 (or newer) or Adobe® Photoshop Elements® 7 (or newer). DxO Optics Pro® 9 (or newer), Phase One Capture One® 8 (or newer) http://relaunch.piccureplus.com



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