Periodic Table Explorer 1.3.2

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Periodic Table Explorer 1.3.2 | MacOsX | 44.4 MB
Table Explorer is a simple to use resource that covers all of the elements of the periodic table, their compounds, properties, isotopes, reactions, English pronunciations and much more
Search through the 1400 pages easily, find compounds by name or component part (e.g. Mg or CH2), look for scienfitic constants and calculate molecular mass for any compound.
Click the Lists button to see a list of elemental properties sorted by category (atomic, thermal etc.). Select a property to see a complete list of elements sorted by that property, high to low.
The PTE knows which page you are looking at so if you click H (hydrogen) on the table display then the relevant hydrogen page will be displayed, based on the which of the page type buttons is selected (Data, Data 2, Reactions, Production, Isotopes, Compounds, Mass Attenuation Data, Atomic Data or Spectrum). But here’s the clever bit…let’s say you click the helium link on the hydrogen data page. The helium page will load and it will load the page specified by the page type selection. Click the isotopes button and the helium isotopes page will load HomePage –  from  from  from FriendlyDuck Place your ad here
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