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Explore your personal family history and discover your origins, your ancestors and how your family has evolved over the course of time. MacFamilyTree 8 offers numerous options for you to capture and visualize your family history. No matter how you want to illustrate your family relationships.    


MacFamilyTree 8 is the right genealogy application for you, offering different types of reports, charts or the innovative Virtual Tree 3D view. Optionally synchronize your data via iCloud, conduct your research with the help of a free online genealogy archive with billions of records, create websites or do your research on the go with MobileFamilyTree for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MacFamilyTree also lets you create family books in a flash – share them as a PDF or print them and give them away as presents.

Everything you expect a modern, full featured genealogy app
MacFamilyTree 8 is the right tool for every phase of your genealogical research: MacFamilyTree 8 assists you entering your data and researching your family tree, offers dozens of printable and configurable charts and reports and publishes your family tree as a book or web site with just a few clicks. Two decades of expertise went into the development of MacFamilyTree 8 and no other app is better suited for your genealogy research.

The Interactive Family Tree
Taking a quick look at your research results, navigating through your family tree, or editing or adding persons directly – it’s all possible with the perfect starting point for your research, the Interactive Family Tree. The Interactive Family Tree has been completely redesigned for MacFamilyTree 8, providing you with a better overview and greater comfort than ever.

You can view up to eight generations including siblings at once, choose between different angles to look at your family tree, optionally view and  persons directly FamilySearch or add information about the persons currently displayed. The MacFamilyTree 8 Interactive Tree will become your indispensable companion for exploring your family history.

Exclusively Developed for Mac
Fast, reliable, smooth – and truly a feast for the eyes: You’ll notice right away that MacFamilyTree is a native Mac application, exclusively and perfectly tailored to Mac. Developed specifically for Mac OS X, MacFamilyTree harnesses the advanced and powerful core technologies of Apple’s latest operating systems. Thanks to CoreAnimation, the interface works incredibly smooth while providing a plethora of animations and interactive elements.

CoreData guarantees maximum processing speed, and SceneKit is the technology behind the visually striking Interactive Tree. As MacFamilyTree runs as a 64-bit application, it uses every bit of processing power. This is the type of genealogy that generations of chroniclers could only have dreamed of

Whats new in MacFamilyTree 8:
MacFamilyTree 8 is the largest update we’ve ever released for our popular genealogy software. Version 8 comes with a huge number of new features and improvements.

New Interactive Tree
Much improved layout
Beautiful new look
Navigate, add and enter persons faster than ever
Better FamilySearch integration
Force Touch supported
Completely configureable
Display up to 8 generations of ancestors and descendants at once, including brothers & sisters
Full keyboard control for browsing the Interactive Tree

Completely new user interface
Much better usage of screen space
Configureable functions layout
Hide functions you do not use often
Quick keyboard navigation
Global back and forward history similar to a web browser
New database management window

Smart Filters
See only relevant entries your database you’re currently focusing on
Create and save complex search filters (all living women in Texas)
Available for Persons, Families, Sources, Places and ToDos
Also available for most reports to create specialized reports a subset of persons your tree

Powerful new Sidebar Lists
Completely redesigned Person, Family, Place, Source and ToDo sidebar lists
Much improved search options
Configureable grouping/sectioning options (for example by birth place, last name, creation date and so on)
Sorting options greatly enhanced
Available in the Edit, Views and Reports sections

Custom Event & Fact types
Create your own Person Events, Facts or Family Events, and record any kind of information
All reports and views adapted to display custom events and fact types
Hide event and fact types you do not use often
Easily import data other genealogy apps
More default event and fact types added
Improved management of event icons

Improved edit mode
Adjustable font size for all edit sections
Improved keyboard navigation
Improved event, fact and source lists
Optionally larger sizes for parents, partners and children above and below the edit view
Better readability
Better performance
Release Notes
Whats new in Version 8.2.1

New & Improved Charts
– New Fractal Tree Chart
– New Horizontal/Vertical Fractal Chart
– New Symmetrical Fractal Tree Chart
– New Fractal Circular Tree Chart
– Completely rewritten styling of most charts
– Many configureable styling options to choose – Configureable event & fact display
– Configureable line styles
– Configureable shadow styles
– Size of boxes can be increased/decreased depending on generation in nearly all charts for better space efficiency
– Greatly improved performance rendering charts
– Select custom fonts in all charts
– Labels can now be displayed in each chart
– New background styles
– Improved Timeline (configureable coloring and styles)
– Reference Numbers can be shown in all charts
– Display of kinships now available in the Genogram Chart
– Tree Chart now displays family events like marriage and divorce correctly

Improved Fan Chart
– Configureable styles added
– Improved Fan Chart text rendering
– Much improved performance

Improved Charts Editor & Printing
– Configureable pagination layout for poster printing
– Option to automatically layout objects to a specific count of pages
– When printing to multiple pages, a page number can be printed on each page for easy identification
– Unlimited undo while editing a chart
– Improved user interface

FamilySearch improvements
– Performance of FamilySearch integration in the Interactive Tree dramatically improved
– Comparing local and FamilySearch persons improved
– Coordinates of places are automatically ed FamilySearch
– LDS Ordinances added (reserve, print, share with Temple etc.)
– Family Tree is automatically scanned for possible LDS Ordinances that can be reserved

– Improved organisation of functions
– Keyboard navigation added to the Interactive Tree
– GEDCOM import and interoperability with other apps improved
– Date interpretation when exporting GEDCOM files improved
– Options added to configure which additional names to display in addition to the full name
– CloudTree performance improved

Version 8.2.1 solves issues in the Narrative Report as well as a bug in the GEDCOM Export.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10.0 or later, 64-bit processor


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