HHD Software Network Monitor Ultimate

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Size: 15.9 MB
Network Monitor is a professional software for monitoring and analyzing network traffic data on the Windows platform. Network Monitor allows you to capture, display, analyze, record and replay all the data your computer exchanges with network via IP connections. It can be successfully used for monitoring behavior of LAN and Internet applications and services. You can find this network monitor useful while developing network software, hardware and services, writing your device drivers and protocols.  

This nonintrusive network protocol analyzer can be handy for the LAN administrators and help them to explore hidden traffic data of any network applications including the one originated by viruses and trojan programs. You can also use network monitor for security purposes to detect any restricted user activity.
This LAN/Internet packet sniffer application, which is developed by professionals in the area of network communications, will help you to save time, money and precious nerves, as it already helped our partners.  this networl packet sniffer & data analyzer and sniff any serial communications just in two clicks.
We will take care of monotonous digging in network protocols and data flows. Concentrate your brilliant skills on your project, do your job with pleasure

You’ll never find any Network Monitor that
    Supports real-time monitoring without affecting PC performance. It’s powerful.
    Supports exchanging of monitoring configurations with colleagues. It’s social.
    Allows you to exchange session log files and replay it back later. It’s handy.
    Supports regular expressions for patterns searching and highlighting. It’s convenient.
    Supports custom color schemes for monitored data. It’s flexible.
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