GNS3 2.0.3 Final

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If you are interested in computers and hardware or you like to experiment with connections between routers or switches, then you are bound to appreciate the feature set of GNS3, as it enables you to set up topologies of routers (like IOS and JunOS), firewalls (such as (ASA or PIX) and hosts without risking to break down your equipment. GNS3 supports several types of routers and switches, so it can help you study for certification exams such as Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, CCSP, CCVP and CCIE, Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS or JNCIE, while being equally useful to network engineers or admins.    


Once you install the application, you can start creating your own project scratch and add the objects you need by dragging and dropping them the devices panel onto the dedicated area.

Next, you can establish relations between them as you see fit – when you try to create a faulty connection, GNS3 displays a warning message so you can correct your mistake. Due to this, you can rest assured that the topology you come up with can be applied on real devices without any glitches.

You can adjust the attributes of each of your objects to helps them match your exact requirements, and test the configuration every step of the way by running a simulation. You can even customize the display within the main window of GNS3 by hiding layers, interface labels or hostnames.

In a nutshell, if you are studying for a Cisco or Juniper certification exam, or you want to test a certain topology you created, you will surely appreciate the functions of GNS3. And since it is a freeware utility, you can just go ahead and discover its features yourself.
Whats New:
    Display error when we can’t export files
    Fix auth header not sent is some conditions
    If we have auth issue at server startup continue to get better error
    Do not override IOU configuration file when you change the image
    Fix some PNG loading issues on Windows
    Handle label with missing elements
    Support floating value for font size
    Handle partial json in a response
    Add Dominik as a new team member

    Fixes #1068 – handle zipfile encoding issues at project duplication
    Fix: #1066 – Catching parsing errors at linked vbox file
    Ignoring virtualenv directory at gitignore
    Escaping VPCS name in regex #1067
    Fix racecondition when listing interface
    Fix Qemu disk creation with unicode characters not supported by local filesystem #1058 (#1063)
    Fix when config file doesn’t have computes section (#1062)
    Check aiohttp version


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