Fast Mouse Clicker Professional 1.9.3

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This is the professional tool that clicks a Windows mouse extremely quickly. It is an open source application for Windows Desktop operating systems family, designed scratch to reach the ultimate high possible mouse click rates. The program can perform up to 99 thousands (99999) mouse clicks per second using sophisticated tricks in Win32 API and this makes the application professional. the other hand, you may choose fractional values for click rate lower than 1, for example 0.5 corresponds to 0.5 clicks per second, i.e. 1 click within 2 seconds. These power clicking capabilities discover wide fields to use this program in quality assurance, game cheating, hacking tools, etc. Features
Very fast click rate up to 99999 clicks per second, increased by 10 times comparing with the predecessor application Fast Mouse Clicker.
The Left, Middle, and Right mouse buttons are supported, they can be triggered for clicking by a key on the keyboard in a press or toggle mode.
Arbitrary keyboard key can be selected to trigger the clicking process. Furthermore, an another mouse button can play a role of a trigger key.
The program works fine even if it is minimized and it operates on an arbitrary desktop area.
Supported operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
This is open source application without Ads.
Brand new version is available at Sourceforge only
Executes modern SendInput system call instead of obsolete mouse_event used in the predecessor Fast Mouse Clicker.
Utilizes batch-array feature of SendInput and manipulates with Sleep to reach the ultimate possible performance of mouse clicks on Windows. Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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