Drawpile 2.0.2 Multilingual (x86/x64)

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DrawPile is a sketching oriented drawing program that allows multiple people to share the same drawing board over the Internet. Drawing can sometimes be a much more appropriate way to explain something to a friend or colleague, especially it is a website design idea or any other kind of visual artwork. DrawPile is an application that enables you to host a drawing session on your computer and share the same canvas with your friends, to exchange sketches or ideas using colors and brushes instead of words.    

Adjust your brush properties and choose the desired color

If you are a more experienced artist and you own a drawing tablet, you might require various brush settings for different sketch styles. DrawPile enables you to choose the size of the brush in pixels, opacity, hardness and the spacing that best fit your needs.

As far as the available colors go, the application delivers every shade you might need. You can use the HSV or RGB sliders to adjust the color to the desired levels, or manually enter the numerical values into the available fields.
Host a drawing session and invite your friends to join in

DrawPile’s main attraction is the ability to host a drawing server and share the same sketching canvas with your friends or co-workers. To create a server, all you need to do is choose a title for your session and a password, as well as the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed.

Others can connect to your session using your IP as the host address and they can see what you are drawing, as well as being able to draw themselves. While the server is active, you have the option to deny further connections and lock the layer controls of the board.
In conclusion

DrawPile’s ability to support multiple users drawing on the same board comes with a wide range of advantages, especially since it supports drawing tablets and brush pressure sensitivity. Furthermore, the interface is very intuitive and easy to use, making the application a good choice for beginners and experienced users alike.
Some feature highlights:
Runs on Linux, Windows and OSX
Shared canvas using the built-in server or a dedicated server
Record, play back and export drawing sessions
Simple animation support
Layers and blending modes
Text layers
Supports pressure sensitive Wacom tablets
Built-in chat
Supports OpenRaster file format
Encrypted connections using SSL
Automatic port forwarding with UPnP
Whats New:
    Fixed returning fullscreen mode to maximized window
    Fixed server crash when terminating an announced session
    Restored missing “lock dock positions” feature
    Messages received during reset while session history is full are now dropped (mitigates auto-reset loop of death)
    Fixed layer selection after current layer is deleted
    Separated layer delete & merge menu items
    Various session template related fixes
    Session history size is now displayed in the status bar
    Fixed lockup on reset when navigator was visible
    Reset no longer clears pinned chat message
    Fixed “hide self” layer menu item
    Fixed selection moving when selection is partially (or completely) outside the canvas
    Fixed Windows XP and Vista compatibility (32 bit version)




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