BabaCAD 2017 v2.0.0 (x64) + Portable

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Fast growing free CAD software with *.dwg and LISP programming support. Hatch patterns, block explorer palette are some of advanced features available that are rarely found in other freeware CAD software. Developed scratch, w/o any dependent engines and CAD platforms. Fast OpenGL rendered graphics, fast selecting and manipulating vector objects. Draw point, line, polyline, circle, arc, vector text, block make/insert, hatch, images and even georeferenced tif raster images. Full featured snap to end-point, mid-point, nearest, perpendicular, intersection (OSNAP). Easy drafting enabled with Object Snap Tracking (OTRACK). About 2Mb size for fast . Startup time less than 1 second. Compatible with other CAD software with dwg,dxf files. Updated constantly and on users wishes and suggestions.    

Simple design and popular file format support

Running the application brings up a pretty simple interface, with most space representing your interactive preview section, along with side panels that let you quickly grab drawing tools you need or edit specific configurations.

You can simply start off and create new projects scratch, with the application only taking little of your time to get you acquainted with its features. On the other hand, you can import existing projects if they happen to be found under the DXF or DWG formats, which are commonly used in CAD applications.
Decent library of creation and editing tools

When it comes to drawing, you can take advantage of basic tools, such as points, lines, editable anchor points, circles and other various geometrical shapes. You only work in a 2D plane, with a little effort being required for a slightly 3D look about it.

Each object has its own set of attributes that appear in a side panel once selected. Color, layer, line thickness and a few more options are at your disposal. Moreover, general options give you the possibility to clone, move, create an array of objects, erase, explode or insert images.
Measure objects and manage multiple layers

Accuracy isn’t really a key element. Sadly, there’s no possibility to enable a grid for careful placement, nor toggle rulers or guidelines. However, the application lets you take advantage of a clever alignment feature that lets you position objects, lines and anchor points in relation with existing ones.

On the other hand, there are several tools included with the help of which you can accomplish a few measurement tasks. In this regard, you can determine the distance between two points, radius and diameter, or the angle that unites to concurrent lines.

With the help of an integrated layer manager you can easily work on multiple parts without messing up the rest of the project. In addition, the application lets you group multiple objects together, all of them being stored in a dedicated space for quick identification and easy importing.
A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that BabaCAD is a simple application of its kind with which you can create custom designs, but not too complex. File support lets you import and export popular formats for more flexibility, while the simple design and comprehensive tools make sure you don’t get stuck along the way
Whats New:
– 02-Apr-2017 (BabaCAD 2017 v2.0.0)
Advanced 64-bit version with:
* 64-bit version with MDI (multiple-document-interface)
* modern designed with ribbon bar and large buttons
* different line types loads bcad.lin
* user can update bcad.lin with custom linetypes
* auto-save with recovery (default 5 min)
* type AUTOSAVEINTERVAL in command window to change
* dynamic input (can be turned off – statusbar)
* easy start commands with auto-complete input
* type line/polyline length/angle using DynInput
* grid lines (F7 or status bar to turn on/off)
* anti-aliased smooth rendering (LW)
* new objects like SPLINE, 3D POLYLINE, ELLIPSE…
* join polylines, break polyline, break spline
* new modify tools: array, mirror
* copy objects and blocks between multiple documents
* LISP enabled, use APPLOAD or update bcad.mnu to load lisps
* 3D ready version (3D Modeling coming soon) with 3D objects
* LINE, 3D POLYLINE, POINT are 3D objects in BabaCAD 2017
* update Z coordinate in Properties window
* use 3DORBIT or VIEW to navigate in 3D or projection planes
* image (raster) save now is working (saved with path ref.)


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