Anti Ransom 3.01

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Anti Ransom is an application designed to keep a close eye on the modifications made at file level and hence, detect and prevent ransomware that uses honeypot hijacking your computer. While having an efficient antivirus and maintaining your programs updated is a must, sometimes it is necessary to take it one step further to protect yourself against the various threats lurking in the online medium.    

Entails medium-difficulty setup and tricky uninstall

Following the decompression of the installation kit, you have access to several executable files, an option that can create confusion among users who have not used this type of software before. Since the application requires installation, you should access the setup.exe file and allow the tool to do the rest.

You should know that the utility requires you have Internet access so that you can  an extra file, namely procdump. If your computer is already connected, then the file is ed automatically.

It is important to note that you need to keep all of the aforementioned files within the app’s folder in case you decide to uninstall it. Otherwise, you might have to use an advanced software solution to make sure you removed it completely your computer.
Monitors various folders to track changes

The idea behind the program is to create random decoy folders that feature dozens of files, mostly documents, in various file formats. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that you cannot select the number of decoys to be deployed on your computer.

Afterwards, it works silently in the background keeping a close eye on any changes that are performed to the bait directories.In the eventuality that it detects a change, then the program attempts to identify the process that is responsible and stop it along with the memory dump process associated.
A tool that can protect you against ransomware using honeypots

In case you feel the need to take an extra step and make sure that your computer and data are out of reach and inaccessible to greedy cyber criminals, then perhaps Anti Ransom can lend you a hand.
Whats New:
    Fixes a nasty bug in psutil that makes Anti Ransom not works in Windows 8 and 10


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